Tip: "How to get unstuck!" Learn TODAY!

Oil Painting Tip: "How to get unstuck" a problem experienced by most painters

Painting for beginners on how to get unstuck, a common problem experienced by most artists. Master painter Dan Edmondson talks about this and gives you valuable insights on matters like: How will you know if your stuck, behaviors you manifest,  how to deal with a painting that is out of control and a lot more. This video helps impart valuable insights to young painters of our generation.

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  1. Great stuff Dan really like your blog. Very inspiring.

  2. Hi Daniel, Nice to hear someone talk about this issue. This has been a real problem for me. I have several paintings I'm 'stuck' on. Like you mentioned some have sat there for a year or two – stuck. I keep thinking I am just running low on 'creative energy' as it all seems too hard to fix.
    I love your idea of setting a time limit, I must try that. On the other hand, another artist I spoke to recommended taking my painting more seriously – treating as I do any other job I do successfully and being more methodical about what I'm doing.

  3. nice blog, sir. very informative.