Painting Lessons on How to push your art higher thru art shows and competitions

A variety of painting lessons are stated in this video on the different ways to improve your art!

How To Push Your Art Higher Through Art Shows & Competitions

This video is packed with painting lessons which gives you insights on how to improve your art through the use of art shows and competitions, know which art shows could better your painting skills, the proper mind-set when participating in these shows, how to take in critiques from judges, and a lot more other painting lessons! If you like this video visit the link contained in this description and get better at oil painting today! 

Painting Workshop - Think More & Paint Less Tip of the week

Painting Workshop on thinking more and painting less, a rather unique tip from artist Daniel Edmondson

In this painting workshop viewers will learn more that painting is a mental discipline rather than a physical aspect. The information presented in this video is valuable as this could very well improve your painting style and or techniques. Certain aspects of painting such as brush strokes, color harmony, edgework, and more are presented in this video! Furthermore, a discussion on Daniel Edmondson's landscape painting course is given so stay tuned and feel free to take down notes as you go along with watching this video! Visit to know more about these painting workshops!

Oil Painting Class - Oil Painting Techniques & Critiques

Oil painting classes on techniques & critiques which new and veteran artist's alike could utilize in everyday paintings!

Oil Painting Techniques & Critiques

In this oil painting class video viewers will know what the harmful effects of critiques and how to manipulate a critique in order to help you get better at painting. Different styles and ways are discussed in this video which could help you when your painting is subject to a critique and if even if you yourself is the critique! Be sure to check out the main site which is also in this description to learn more interesting facts about oil painting today join our oil painting classes!

How To Know When Your Painting is Done and Finish -

A unique video by artist Daniel Edmondson which you could use as a leverage during your daily paintings!

How To Know When Your Painting is Done and Finish -

In this video entitled "How to know when your painting is done and finished -" Artist Daniel Edmondson talks about when to know whether you've achieved that certain degree of completeness in your paintings, an exit checklist which the master artist uses is illustrated in this video in which you could use as a basis for your own exit checklist, this could be considered as a leverage for you to improve your paintings starting today! Various other tips provided which could be of use to young and veteran artists alike! If you like this tip visit: for MORE TIPS!