Painting for beginners Sable Brushes and extras

Painting for beginners Sable Brushes and extras

Painting for beginners Sable Brushes and extras is great for an artist to learn as these are the basics which you may find to be informative and helpful in your journey as an artist! Painting for beginners Sable Brushes and extras may just give you that deeper understanding that you are searching for as with regards to these brushes. Watch Painting for beginners Sable Brushes and extras now and learn a few more useful tips and tricks!

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The next type of brushes are what I call sable brushes and these are these lane nickels now I'd like to stay away from these red sable type brushes that people normally think of as sable even though these are actually called sable brushes they're made out of mongoose hair as well as the same time the red sable's are made out of some sort of squirrel hair and I find those don't hold the paint the same way these do. There's a couple models that I like in these lane nickel brushes first is the fifty-five ninety series which is a real long flat and it's a long haired flat and the beauty of a lane nickel is it really holds the paint well so when I dip in it will pick up a lot of paint whereas a lot of times the old kind of, the other type of sable brushes just have a tendency to not pick up as much paint whereas these will hold a lot of paint. These are favored by a lot of artists today, these brushes. Even though the brush is pretty small it's a twelve so I use anywhere from I pretty much use every size you can get from this. They go up to a forty-four which is a big it looks like about a one inch wide brush all the way down to just many steel ones. Tiny one's too and that's in the long haired mongoose haired flats and its fifty-five ninety is the model number lane nickel oil sable this is a forty-four ok? Those are great brushes I love those! You could do so much with them now any of these brushes that I'm showing you could do an entire paintings with these brushes it's just I'm trying to tell you what the different styles are good for ok? Now, the other one I'd like to use is the fifty-five ten series which is the bright. They call it the bright and what it is, is a little bit shorter than the other brush I showed you and you'll see here it's shorter in ratios, you'll see that these two brushes this is shorter size wise than the other one, here's a sixteen. It's not and you'll see here that the sixteen is longer than the twenty-four so these are a little shorter and a little stiffer little thicker and they just give you a real nice, a nice look to them and they hold the paint well and they have a tendency to smooth the paint more than a bristle brush. One way to look at the difference between a lane nickel brush like these and the bristle brushes is the bristle brushes will leave more of a track mark and these will leave less but they still leave paint on the canvass and still leave track marks just not as much a way to think about it is if your going to paint burlap you'd want to use a bristle brush right? And if you're going to paint silk or flowers you would use a natural haired or a sable brush or a mongoose haired brush that's one way to look at, could you do both with both? Absolutely! That's kind of a way to think about it in terms of how the paint's going to be applied the heavier stuff or maybe quieter areas like the shadows maybe the softer brush and the areas you want more paint to show like on light the bristle brush again, no magic you can do both with both it's just that they're both great tools you just try them both ok? Then the other thing is, sometime for detail work or for putting little lines in or mostly softening edges I have these little brushes this is a fifty-five hundred royal sable brush and this is a round but its size one and here's another one a little short-handle guy same kind of a brush and this is a size zero and what they're great for is softening edges between things. Ok? Very inexpensive brushes and the lane nickel's are pretty inexpensive brushes the only downside of a lane nickels is a lot of times the hair pulls out when you're wiping it out with a paper towel so I don't know if you can see this but if you see this one here I have taken it and I have crimped the edge of it to keep and lock the hairs in. Where this one has not been crimped yet.

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