Oil Painting Techniques and Critiques

Oil Painting Techniques and Critiques

Oil painting techniques and critiques are both essential for the development of an artist. Oil painting techniques and critiques have been the lifelines of artists of all caliber to use to their advantage in taking their art to the next level! Watch a sample video of oil painting techniques and critiques by Daniel Edmondson which may help you improve your art!

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Daniel Edmondson discusses his views on painting techniques and getting group and private critiques. sign up for weekly tips on oil painting at his website. In this video entitled "Oil painting techniques and critiques (OilPaintingWorkshop.com)" viewers will know what the harmful effects of critiques and how to manipulate a critique in order to help you get better at painting. Different styles and ways are discussed in this video which could help you when your painting is subject to a critique and if even if you yourself is the critique!

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  1. Hi, I wondered if you would be posting anytime soon on painting faces. This seems to be my stumbling block and I wondered if you had some handy suggestions on how to overcome this. Thank you for any help you can pass my way!