Youtube oil painting preview: Oil Painting DVDs "Orange and Grapes"

A youtube oil painting preview on one of Daniel Edmondson's classes about still life paintings. Watching this video will enable you to know how great and exciting it is to paint still life paintings!

In this youtube oil painting video entitled "Oil Painting DVDs "Orange and Grapes"" artist Daniel Edmondson gives us a glimpse of what to expect when taking his online oil painting classes. This video is only but a portion of what you could do online with Daniel Edmondson. There are a lot more instructions, tips, tricks, and also demondstrations that you could avail of as you sign-up for the oil painting classes. Start learning oil painting today through various youtube oil painting videos with Daniel Edmondson today!


  1. Daniel,

    I'm so fortunate that you found my blog and commented so many months ago because I'm actually trying to get into oil painting. I have a painting that I'm trying to finish this month. I'll make sure to review as many of your tips as I can understand.


  2. I am actually searching for a painter in Kansas City MO to help me paint our basement. I just finished it and it could use some lightening up!