Oil Painting Class - Oil Painting Techniques & Critiques

Oil painting classes on techniques & critiques which new and veteran artist's alike could utilize in everyday paintings!

Oil Painting Techniques & Critiques

In this oil painting class video viewers will know what the harmful effects of critiques and how to manipulate a critique in order to help you get better at painting. Different styles and ways are discussed in this video which could help you when your painting is subject to a critique and if even if you yourself is the critique! Be sure to check out the main site which is also in this description to learn more interesting facts about oil painting today join our oil painting classes! http://www.oilpaintingworkshop.com


  1. Excellent presentation...I couldn't agree with you more as I have been on both sides of the situation.
    I even had a gallery owner offer me her criticism so she could exact a lower price for my paintings. I told her that my painting looked a hell of a lot better on my walls than in her gallery.
    Miami Galleries are brutal...they buy from these starving Latin American artists some art piece for $100 and sell it for two grand.

    thanks again for what you do.

  2. JUST AWESOME!!!!!! Best Regards! You need to know: Figure oil paintings - Canvas art