3 Great Tips to Cure Amateurish looking Paintings (OilPaintingWorkshop.com)

3 Great Tips to Cure Amateurish looking Paintings 

          Artist Daniel Edmondson talks about facts that could serve as an eye-opener for many painters out there that they could use as means to take their  art  to  greater  heights. Various important information as with regards to painting are featured in this video but most  importantly  true to  life circumstances that the master artist himself underwent and used as stepping stones to take his art to a  professional level. Much can be said in this description but it would be best to watch the video itself. If you  are  interested in getting better in oil painting then visit www.oilpaintingworkshop.com and start painting with Daniel Edmondson today!

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    I was just watching this video the other day, and love how you really expressed thoughts of what a painter really needs. Thanks so much for sharing your mishaps to make your work and teachings shine.
    It's an honor that you've commented on my blog. Considering, the day after I watched your youtube.
    Take care, and may God continue to bless you with more ventures for artist who want to paint the way they would like to paint.
    Kindest Regards,