Palettes for oil acrylic painting

This video I explain the different palettes I recommend Using for Oil and Acrylic painting and why. I also discuss different other tools I keep nearby when painting.

Thanks For watch my palette video...for more info on classes check the links above...but just glad you stopped by---Daniel
please leave a comment on how you keep ready to paint at a moment of inspiration


  1. Daniel, I've been missing your comments on my blog, hope everything is alright, looking forward to seeing your comments again soon.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment about my blog. Interestingly, I also have done a number of oil paintings, mostly animals and landscapes. I really miss it. It's a great way to space out and relax.
    My grandchildren took one to a fair several years ago and it won first place and the people's choice award. What a shock!

  3. This video was very useful. You commented on my A Farewell to Arms blog a while back. I actually paint a lot too, though I do more charcoal and pastel these days. I really enjoy your work. Oil is my weakness so it's all the more fun to see.

  4. JUST AWESOME!!!!!! Best Regards! You need to know: Figure oil paintings - Canvas art